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2014 was good. Ups and downs. Highs and lows.  A lot is lost and a lot is gained. A few friends turned into acquaintances, a few acquaintances turned into friends. All a part of his plan. I love the feeling of starting fresh, even though I had done this over a 100 times now, every time I think of starting again, a positive energy rushes in, leaving all the bad vibes behind. Hope is just a 4 letter word but how much it can change a person’s perspective towards living.

It was 2 days to 2015. 2 days to 365 new days, 365 new chances and a package of memories. Pen down a few New Year resolutions, have a reason to live for, believe that something wonderful can happen. You never know what’s going to come your way next but you at least know which route to take.  Another year to screw things up, fix things up. Another year to fall in love, fall out of love.  Another year to march towards your dreams, be woken up by reality. Another  year to chalk out a few plans, dismiss a few.  Most importantly another year to learn, another year to fulfill your purpose of living.

Here’s to all those people who did matter, who won’t matter anymore.
One thing you ought not to forget if you want to survive in this cruel world which is getting crueler by the day- “Nobody cares. Get your shit together. Work harder.”

Farewell to you 2014.
2015, cannot wait to see what you’ve got!



I'm an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams to whom those small little things in life and love matter the most. I live everyday, learning what life wants to teach me. A lot of me you will like and even more you may dislike. Judge me by how much you know of me or get to know me a little more. I leave the option to you :)

12 thoughts on “Reset.

  1. Time flies and it waits for no one…
    Never look behind cz wats done is done..
    Appreciate what u have and everythin that comes ur way..
    Years will come and years will come…but memories forever will stay….


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