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Sometimes you just have to do the Write thing.

Midnight conversations are the most meaningful and the most real conversations one can have, for it is then, that we pour our hearts out, let others view the pattern of our thoughts and also get a screenshot of the real us. She had found her escape and she liked it there. She didn’t know why. She didn’t even care. No judging. No fear. No hesitation. It was a fortunate accident.

       “Circumstances change us. Whether you like it or no, reality takes control of you, and you know what? That sucks. Change sucks.” She complained.
       “Change is not always bad. It broadens your mindset.” He consoled.

“But sometimes you make a choice in that moment
 and you know in your heart it is going to change everything.”
Scary. Scary how one choice you make is going to attack you like a snowball of consequences running down a slope. But we still have the chance of making that choice. Always. Every single time. Most of the times we humans are afraid to make and stick to our choices because the consequences are sure to follow and we lack the courage to face them. Not always the choice of a person turns out to be in their favor. There are 2 kinds of people in this world. One who will let go of anybody’s happiness for their own and the other who will let go of their own happiness for anybody else’s.

I believe destinies are handmade. If we want something, we will do anything to make it happen, on the other hand if we don’t want something; we will make sure it doesn’t happen. We will not try hard enough. It’s just a clearer picture of how badly someone wants something. It’s that simple. I’ve reached a point where questions are teaching me more than answers ever did. We humans are ready to do anything to fill that empty space, anything. Be it momentary, we will do anything to distract our hearts; we will run behind anything that gives us an escape, an escape from reality. We will also soon realize that escapism is only transitory and we will also get pissed off.

Who we are today is because of what happened to us yesterday.  People do change. Change is good, I guess. Or maybe we convince ourselves that it is good because we’ve come too far and there is no going back to who we once were. We humans enjoy pain. We cling on to it, the reason being that it has taken away a part of us that we are not completely ready to let go of.  We find that part of us, in pain and hence we enjoy pain. “We all know a lot of people who are happy only when they are unhappy.” – Paulo Coelho. This quote has never made more sense to me than now.

It’s so hard to be independent after being once dependent.” He said.
      “Who would know better? But I guess that’s how life is. Hard.” She replied.
      “If not for times like these we would never embrace the small things in life.” He commented.

If those small little things in life give you joy, be glad for there is still sanity left in you 🙂



I'm an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams to whom those small little things in life and love matter the most. I live everyday, learning what life wants to teach me. A lot of me you will like and even more you may dislike. Judge me by how much you know of me or get to know me a little more. I leave the option to you :)

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