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Love , Life & Cliches…

Have you ever tried saying you are ‘okay’ when you are not?
Have you ever pretended to understand when you’re standing there absolutely clueless?
Have you been acting like your busy but in reality you are lonely from all the sides?
Have you been convincing people that you just want to be friends but what you really want is way more than friends?
Have you gone through that mind fucking phase when you know that he/she has somebody else and you pretend that it doesn’t hurt at all, pretend to ignore the happening, pretend to not care but it just kills you from within?
Have you ever said you’ve moved on but the fact remains that your still waiting there, building dreams in your dreams?
Have you said your over him/her , when you are falling in love with the same over again? All over again?
Have you ever laughed while hiding your tears?
Truth is bitter, unless it’s in your favor. That’s how life goes. Face it. Learn to live with it. They say, don’t grow up, it’s a trap. Indeed I feel like I am in a huge one, now that I cant find anyway out of it except to fight it. Gone are those days of innocence , gone are those days when life was actually so simple, gone are those days when life wouldn’t make its path so complicated for you and leave you baffled at the end of the day.
Every step you take, every minute you live, every breath you breathe , every deed you perform, life makes sure you learn something out of it. They say, life is the only master that gives you a test at first and then teaches you a lesson, I can so relate to it now. It’s crazy how there are new battles to fight in every phase of our life just to get that little satisfaction we wish for.
Have faith in yourself, never ever lose it, for the day you’ve lost faith in yourself, you’ve lost a lot. In the end,all that matters is, you and your peace of mind. Do what makes you feel better, do what it takes to keep yourself and others happy. Life will give you what it has planned for you , what is in store for you, You on the other hand should surprise it.



I'm an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams to whom those small little things in life and love matter the most. I live everyday, learning what life wants to teach me. A lot of me you will like and even more you may dislike. Judge me by how much you know of me or get to know me a little more. I leave the option to you :)

11 thoughts on “Love , Life & Cliches…

  1. My answers to all those questions is Yes.. i’ve done it all but its so hard to follow the given advice.. right now everything feels wrong, how can i be happy when actually i am not?

    1. I totally understand what you mean by ‘ It’s so hard to follow the given advice’ . There is a point in your life when everything feels so wrong, you feel like giving up, don’t,instead fight it. Live through it, do all the possible things to make yourself feel like a princess, for, you are one 🙂
      You will take time, a lot of time, a lot of patience. But you’ll love it in the end 🙂

      1. hi

        you know when i read this article , the answer to all the questions was yes. Whatever i have felt it just started flashing in front of me. But you know what i said to myself , i think i am not gonna cry any more. But while saying this couldnt stop my tears.

        Anyways i am sure you will enjoy my blogs , although i am a ameature writer and one more thing it seems your gtalk id on gravatar profile is incorrect i tried connecting with you on email but it bounced back. Can you please pass your correct gmail id.

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