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And it was just another day..

She wakes up in the morning , does the routine , goes through her inbox which was flooded with text messages that read ‘ happy valentines day ‘ ..she forces a smile on to her face ..Every time there was a flow of thoughts in her mind ..She’d take a deep breath and keep saying to her self ” It’s just another day ” ..
She knew that talking it out to people would just gain her the usual mantra’s she always had heard ”Everything happens for a reason “or ” Better will come your way ” , So that’s the last thing she wanted to do..
She sat aback and took time to think .. she thought about how easily things / people change , how we look at things change , how fast time flies by , how easy it is to make memories & how difficult it is to let them fade. There was a time when this was a long awaited day to her and today it was just another day for her..
How hard was it for her to live just 24 hours putting up a fake smile? How hard was it to live without something she once lived for? How hard was it to smile for people who wish to see you smile? How hard was it to not care for someone who didn’t care? All those things made perfect sense to her that day..
She was glad that it was just another day.. 🙂



I'm an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams to whom those small little things in life and love matter the most. I live everyday, learning what life wants to teach me. A lot of me you will like and even more you may dislike. Judge me by how much you know of me or get to know me a little more. I leave the option to you :)

2 thoughts on “And it was just another day..

  1. And so that day passed for her. But unawares, there was another particular someone whose day was just as ‘fake’. He had treasured this day, but now hated it. He also smiled, for those who wanted to see him smile. Much like her. Very much like her.

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