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Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl – Movie review!

Directed by-Maneesh Sharma

Produced by-Aditya Chopra

Story by-Aditya Chopra

Starring-Anushka Sharma
Ranveer Singh
Parineeti Chopra
Dipannita Sharma
Aditi Sharma
Music by-Salim-Sulaiman

After the huge success of ‘Band Baaja Baarat’, this was one long awaited movie. Band Baaja Baarat was Maneesh Sharma’s Directorial debut starring Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh which clicked very well at the box office! No sooner there was a hype about his next upcoming romantic comedy flick starring the same and after how much I loved his first movie I was too excited for the second one! This one movie is unlike the other typical gushy wooshy romantic types.
It is a story of this one young man to whom the first and last priority was money and lots and lots of money. How good a master he was and how easy was it for him to con rich girls and loot them of their money for that was all that mattered to him. But then things don’t always last the way you want them to,not always can you be the director of your own future,sometimes the thought of your future can direct you and that is what happened to Ricky ( Ranveer ).
Coming to the music of this movie, Fast and good! You can enjoy each and every beat of it. You just can’t help but tap your toes to it’s beats! All throughout the movie you will not find yourself wandering with thoughts other than what can happen next , the movie keeps you involved and makes you want to predict what is going to happen next. The boldness of women in this movie is like WOAH. No kidding,but surely got me into thought 🙂
In short a one time watch at the cinemas! A Perfect way to spend a boring day with a pack of pop corn and a glass of pepsi!
Ps- Even a con man can fall in love! 😉



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