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Life is 2B’s,Beautiful and a Bitch..(:

Keep it simple silly, life is complicated only if you look at it that way,look at the brighter side of it and it’s a whole new world! How many of us hear these lines as advices from our friends on a ‘mood-off’ day or a ‘bad-day’? I myself use them many times too. However,it’s absolutely bullshit I tell you. Go google and we will find so many quotes giving us gyaan as to how to lead a happy life and how not to be upset even when you have had the worst day of your life. Come to reality and it is not as easy as it looks. It is very easy to say a lot of things to others,given a chance to listen to all of it yourself,it turns out to be totally different.
I am not saying that life has to be good or life has always been bad to me. But it’s irritating when we usually find something wrong in everything when that one thing that matters the most goes wrong. On the contrary it’s amazing when that one thing which matters to us the most goes as pictured even though the rest is messed up. Yeah,this is how life us. I have come across so many instances where in I have read something and my mind says,’this is so,like SO true’.
It’s weird how things which aren’t supposed to matter to us,matter to us the most and things which we aren’t supposed to care about, we tend to care about the most :/ But ulimately it is only those small little things in life which get us going. Every one’s life is just like in the movies, you are the hero, there is always a villan envious of you, there are well wishers too and some times we may not know that the movie could just get better after the intermission. πŸ™‚
So in the end, live it up, we have got only one life , it may be beautiful at times and can even turn into a bitch at times. But it is your life so make the best of it in the worst circumstances ..:)



I'm an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams to whom those small little things in life and love matter the most. I live everyday, learning what life wants to teach me. A lot of me you will like and even more you may dislike. Judge me by how much you know of me or get to know me a little more. I leave the option to you :)

12 thoughts on “Life is 2B’s,Beautiful and a Bitch..(:

  1. Thanks πŸ™‚ echoed my thoughts πŸ™‚ but there’s a big huge hell of a world out there, and beauty and bitchiness don’t go well together ( when they do, we call them blondes ) . Good luck maneuvering through this thorn-filled journey. Remeber though, where there are thorns, you will find a rose πŸ™‚

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