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Living her dreams in her dreams! :)

Don’t we all wait for this one time in our life where in everything was as easy as eating an ice cream? If i go to think of it now,yes,those times did seem heavenly! Life was such a cake walk then..Innocence always bounded withinus..but then again,change is inevitable ..The ball cannot always remain on one side of the court a little too longer than for a while..It was high time Dina realized that,not everyday in one’s life goes as planned..!
It seemed as though bags of luggage had fallen on her head and she just could not bear the load anymore..Back then every step she took, was keeping her as the princess in mind and now not a lot had changed except for the fact that she had to think of everybody else first and then go as per her come on,who would really enjoy doing that? And so was she in such a paradoxical situation,where she was nothing but simply a confused grown up kid! It all happened this one day where at a particular point she just couldnt take all the drama happening around her and decided to just narrate it all to her dairy ( being her best friend ) !

“Finally”..said Dina’s dad. Baffled Dina asked him as to what he was reffering to.He said there was barely a week left for her to turn 18 !! He expected her to go all ‘yay’ over it,but for some reason that day,the very thought didnt seem to excite Dina. A small part of her was obviously in zeal…but a bigger part of her wasn’t really looking forward to it..she very well knew that she wanted to talk it all out and like always her dad read what was going on in her mind ..she was baffled by the thought that he knew everything even when she didn’t.:|To sum it all up in one word he told Dina “you are scared”Deep within Dina knew that was it..but aren’t all of us simply too good at denying what is true? Thats exactly what Dina did too! He just asked her to give a thought to it,she had turned paranoid by then,she just didn’t want to try to understand anything then because she knew that she herself would have to bear all the consequences ! The best thing one could do in such a situation would be to leave off all the worries and disturbing thoughts aside,say goodbye to the devil mate who is always present in one’s mind and sit and think,because all of us believe that a dream is one place where we live for ourself..and Dina did the same!
Just when she sat down to actually travel the world she wanted to live in she automatically had that smile on her face which was missing since a few days…she closed her eyes and was in deep thought..she remembered her 9th grade where she was so firm in whatever she wanted to do..she was barely 15 then but had a vision and a mission in mind. She always wanted to (still wants to) become an art director in the creative department and that too in the advertising feild. It had always interested her all throughout her high school and pre universities. Even today when she thinks of herself in that position she just cant help but smile.! :)But she fears, ”What If? ” and all the possible questions haunted her just the way they would to a student who hates maths in a maths internal exam. Today when she thought about it,her interests and desires had remained the same but just the implementations of plans had changed! Yes,she realized that in practical life,that is life today where status and money seemed more important than self satisfaction,she could not possibly stick to the dream she had once dreamt of! It was about time she changed her goal and she decided that she will become a C.A even though thats the last thing which interests her and over that she was to turn 18 in a week.
Frankly,being 18 had always fascinated her but somehow that didn’t seem any less trouble as it was approaching sooner…everything looks so amazing when its far away..just when you start getting a doze of it,you tend to change your taste! Just like any other teenager Dina too went through the messed up phase in her life , but i’m sure somewhere down the line she’ll be happy with the decisions taken by her..hopefully she will be πŸ™‚



I'm an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams to whom those small little things in life and love matter the most. I live everyday, learning what life wants to teach me. A lot of me you will like and even more you may dislike. Judge me by how much you know of me or get to know me a little more. I leave the option to you :)

4 thoughts on “Living her dreams in her dreams! :)

    1. thanks for realizing that. anyway better late than never! πŸ˜€
      if you remember,i came running to like so many times telling you to give your view on this article.
      but i guess,you were too busy planning for my surprise! πŸ˜€

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