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Aarakshan – Review!

Produced by: Prakash Jha & Firoz nadiadwala

Directed by: Prakash jha

Starrring: Amitabh Bacchan
Saif Ali khan
Manoj bajpayee
Deepika Padukone
Prateik Babbar

Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

From the director of Raajneeti , Gangaajal and many other serious movies emerges another one. When i first heard of this movie,i didn’t even think i’ll be watching it in the theatres..and not only the theatres i didn’t think i would even watch it at home. I had pictured bits and bits of the movie through the promo’s and they didn’t really excite me in any way. But i knew that there was something about this movie keeping in mind which it had such a great star cast. And in the end it was Prakash jha,since i had liked Rajneeti i thought i should give this movie a try too. Believe me not watching this movie would be one of the biggest regrets of my life. It’s true that only people who like heavy movies would actually like the concept of the movie. People who go to watch movies with the intention of having fun and enjoying frankly wouldn’t like this movie.
First of all the concept of the movie,the whole idea behind the making of the movie and the way the idea was depicted and portrayed throughout the movie was just simply brilliant. Well I couldn’t have come up with this thought of making a movie based on ‘reservation’ ( Aarkshan ). The actual happenings in our society today were shown in the movie. Apart from the whole idea of showing the manner in which education is being treated today they had combined the corrupt mind of the politicians. Trust me on this,the cunning mind of the politicians and the thinking of the world today about education is one combination you wouldn’t want to miss. Speaking about the music i loved the songs! All of them had this ‘desi desi’ lyrics and the melody suited it just right..and they even went well with the scenes. I must say that the charecters lived upto what was expected of them and everyone just fit in right for their role. Mr.Amitabh bacchan- I’d just like to say..Respect sir!! šŸ™‚
I some how seem to love the way mr.prakash jha tends to bring out practicality in a way that gets people into thought because until then i am sure none of us must have thought about it so seriously. In the end it all depends on your looking at things..if you like heavy movies believe me this one is going to top your list, well atleast for me it did!! šŸ™‚
Great movie ! šŸ™‚ And one of my all time favorites for sure šŸ™‚



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